Serve & Survive: Island Deuce



A unique tennis-themed survival game set on a desolate, haunted island where players must use their tennis skills and build companion loyalty to escape the cursed location.


Mature gamers who enjoy sports-themed survival games with a supernatural twist


PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X/S

Setting and Narrative


A remote, mist-shrouded island with abandoned tennis courts, crumbling resorts, and eerie forests. The island's curse manifests through supernatural phenomena and ghostly apparitions.


A group of professional tennis players crash-land on the island while en route to a tournament. They soon discover the island's dark history of a tennis resort where a tragic incident led to a powerful curse.


Players must uncover the island's secrets, solve puzzles, and win supernatural tennis matches to break the curse and escape. As they progress, they learn about the island's past through environmental storytelling and interactions with spectral entities.


Tennis-based combat and puzzle-solving
Companion loyalty system
Sign language communication
Survival elements (resource management, crafting)
Exploration and environmental storytelling

Art and Audio Direction

Visual Style

Realistic 3D graphics with a dark, atmospheric aesthetic. Combines the clean lines of tennis courts with the overgrown, haunting environment of the cursed island.

Character Design

Diverse cast of professional tennis players, each with unique abilities and backstories. Characters' appearances change as they adapt to the island's harsh conditions.

World Design

Semi-open world with interconnected areas. Players unlock new sections of the island as they progress, uncovering abandoned facilities and hidden tennis courts with unique supernatural challenges.

Audio Design

Minimalist soundtrack that blends ambient sounds with distorted tennis noises (e.g., ball bounces, racket swings). Use of spatial audio to enhance the haunting atmosphere and guide players through sign language cues.

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