Stellar Enigma: Colony Manager



A space colony tycoon game where players manage resources and uncover a mysterious alien artifact, all while experiencing a unique procedurally generated soundtrack.


Strategy and simulation game enthusiasts, ages 12 and up


PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X/S

Setting and Narrative


A newly established human colony on a distant exoplanet with diverse biomes and remnants of an ancient alien civilization


In the year 2150, humanity has begun colonizing distant planets. Your colony ship has landed on a promising world, but strange signals and artifacts hint at a long-lost alien presence.


As colony manager, you must balance resource management and expansion while investigating the planet's mysteries. Uncover clues about the vanished alien race and their advanced technology, which could revolutionize human civilization or spell its doom.


Resource management
Colony building and expansion
Research and technology tree
Exploration and artifact discovery
Decision-making events
Procedurally generated music system

Art and Audio Direction

Visual Style

A blend of realistic 3D graphics for colony buildings and stylized, vibrant alien landscapes. UI design inspired by futuristic holographic displays.

Character Design

Diverse cast of colonists with unique skills and backgrounds. Alien artifacts and structures feature biomechanical, otherworldly designs.

World Design

Procedurally generated planet with various biomes (forests, deserts, tundra, etc.) and hidden alien ruins. Dynamic weather system and day/night cycle.

Audio Design

Ambient space sounds, colony activity noises, and a revolutionary procedurally generated music system that adapts to gameplay events and player actions.

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