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Tim Climpy's Warfair

The cover for Tim Climpy's Warfair


A military FPS shooter with a focus on fun things for fun people!

Battle your friends (and enemies?) on 8 maps across the world to see who comes top of the leader board.

A word from Tim Climpy

Hi, I’m Tim Climpy and welcome to my PvP FPS Warfair game. As an expert in military warfare, i decided to collaborate with Common Blob on a first person shooter. I was thrilled to lend my expertise to them. Unfortunately, they seemed to have ignored a lot of what I said, which is disappointing. I dont recall ever using a flamethrower with a grappling hook while parachuting ever. Not in my approximately 40 years experience! Anyway, I digress, I did lend my knowledge, whether they used it or not.

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