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Anti Cheat

AntiCheat protects your game memory, storage, time and detects and prevents tampering attempts.

Included with OccaSoftware Pro

Anti Cheat

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Unity 2021.3


Universal Render Pipeline (URP)

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AntiCheat is developed for you,to keep your game safe. In the world of video games, cheating is unfortunately still widespread, with individuals using various methods to gain an advantage over other players. These include the use of mods, hacks or exploits that give an unfair advantage. Be it single- or multiplayer games.

As a client-side solution, AntiCheat protects your game memory, storage, time and detects and prevents tampering attempts. It ensures the integrity of the gaming experience for you and your honest players.


Important data such as scores, positions or health are usually stored in the runtime memory, which can be vulnerable to manipulation by cheaters. AntiCheat offers protected data types to recognize, prevent and react to those memory manipulation attempts.

  • Primitives: Protected data type for all primitives. This includes value types like int, float, string, … and all Unity value types like Vector, Quaternion, …

  • Collections: Added protected versions for commonly used collections such as List, Queue and Stack.

  • Data- & BlockChain: Introduced data chain classes to maintain remote synchronized ordered data while preserving its integrity.


Unity’s PlayerPrefs offer a simple way to save user preferences and data, but they don’t provide any security or encryption, making them vulnerable to unwanted modifications. AntiCheat protected PlayerPrefs are designed to address this security issue.

  • Protected PlayerPrefs: Protected implementation of Unity’s PlayerPrefs to store encrypted data in the local registry.

  • Protected File Based PlayerPrefs: File based alternative to store Unity’s PlayerPrefs encrypted in a file of your choice.


Time, whether in real time or as game time, is crucial in every game. However, it is often manipulated by cheaters by speeding up or slowing down the speed of the game or changing the device’s clock. AntiCheat addresses these problems by providing a solution that safeguards against time-based manipulations.

  • Protected Game Time: Protected and reliable versions of deltaTime, fixedDeltaTime and all other Unity Time class properties.

  • Protected Device Time: Watch the player’s device time and use a trusted UTC DateTime to ensure the integrity of your game.


Mobile apps are often targets for unauthorized redistribution, with cheaters modifying them to gain advantages, bypass payment systems or even rebranding and republishing them. But AntiCheat helps you to stop that!


  • Validate Installation Source: Validate the installation source, to check whether your app was installed by an official app stores and not by third parties.

  • Validate Hash: Validate the entire app hash to determine whether the app has been modified in any way. Be it changed code or other resources.

  • Validate Certificate Fingerprint: Validate your apps certificate fingerprint to make sure the app is shipped by you and no one else.

  • Validate Libraries: A common cheat method in Unity Android apps is to insert custom libraries into your app instead of modifying the existing code. Validate against whitelisted and blacklisted libraries.

  • Validate Installed Apps: Not only can a user modify or manipulate your game or app, but they can also try to gain an advantage by making changes to their device. Validate the installed apps!

iOS + Android:

  • Validate Package Name: Validate the package name of the shipped app and make sure it is your app and not a rebranding.


  • Proven Quality: Thousands of developers have relied on AntiCheat for nearly a decade as a comprehensive game security solution.

  • Lifetime Access: As one-time purchase solution you have access to all features and future updates.

  • Source Code: The package includes the full C# source code, allowing developers to easily customize and adapt to their specific requirements.

  • Developed For You: Designed with developers in mind, ensuring you will get all the support you need.


AntiCheat is packed with plenty of manuals, scripting API reference docs, and demos, enabling you to dive straight into coding!

Documentation and Scripting Api Reference


All platforms Unity supports. Includes Mono and IL2CPP.


From developers for developers since 2017! If you have any questions feel free to ask.




Included with OccaSoftware Pro

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Goodbye Default Skybox! The process of incorporating Altos into my project was smooth and hassle-free. The volumetric clouds and dynamic skybox, along with the configurable day-night cycle, significantly enhanced the atmosphere in my project. I was impressed by the realism and immersion that the skies added to my game world. Although there's still room for improvement, I'm confident that Altos will only get better over time, as the developers are actively working on maintaining and improving the asset. It's reassuring to know that there's ongoing support and commitment to enhancing the features. In summary, my experience with Altos has been positive. The integration, customization, and active development by the team behind it have made it a valuable addition to my Unity project. If you're considering incorporating a sky system into your project, I'd recommend giving Altos a try.
Excellent pairing with the Super Simple Cel Shader! Another great, lightweight and customizable asset from OccaSoftware! Very intuitive and user friendly, again make sure URP and Shader Graph are in your project!
ZH Haddas
amazing vfx, good job
Simple and Straightforward. Does exactly what it's supposed to. Just add the Auto Exposure render feature to your renderer and then drop the AE post processing effect to a volume in your scene. You now have instant or adaptive automatic exposure in URP.
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