Pixelize or ascii-ify your camera output to give your game a retro feel.

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Unity 2022.3
Universal Render Pipeline (URP)
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Pixelize your screen. Add Ascii characters on top.

Pixelize your screen into fixed target resolutions using post-processing. Use included fonts to render a text character or icon in each pixel based on the new pixel luminance. Import your own font or icon set to make it yours. Configure the background color to set the base. Then set the font color to control the lettering. Use alpha blending for both text and background layers to create unique effects with the pixelized image.

  • Pixelize your screen into fixed target resolutions with post-processing.
  • Render text or icons on top of the pixelized screen.
  • Set background and text colors to customize the look-and-feel.
  • Import custom fonts and icons.


Included with OccaSoftware Pro

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Goodbye Default Skybox! The process of incorporating Altos into my project was smooth and hassle-free. The volumetric clouds and dynamic skybox, along with the configurable day-night cycle, significantly enhanced the atmosphere in my project. I was impressed by the realism and immersion that the skies added to my game world. Although there's still room for improvement, I'm confident that Altos will only get better over time, as the developers are actively working on maintaining and improving the asset. It's reassuring to know that there's ongoing support and commitment to enhancing the features. In summary, my experience with Altos has been positive. The integration, customization, and active development by the team behind it have made it a valuable addition to my Unity project. If you're considering incorporating a sky system into your project, I'd recommend giving Altos a try.
Excellent pairing with the Super Simple Cel Shader! Another great, lightweight and customizable asset from OccaSoftware! Very intuitive and user friendly, again make sure URP and Shader Graph are in your project!
ZH Haddas
amazing vfx, good job
Simple and Straightforward. Does exactly what it's supposed to. Just add the Auto Exposure render feature to your renderer and then drop the AE post processing effect to a volume in your scene. You now have instant or adaptive automatic exposure in URP.
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3.0.1 2022.3


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