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Easy Localization

An optimized tool for Unity that simplifies and streamlines the localization process.

Included with OccaSoftware Pro

Easy Localization

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Unity 2022.3


Universal Render Pipeline (URP)

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Let the world be your audience - Localization connects people and allows you to release your application worldwide in your audience’s native language.

EasyLocalization is an optimized tool for Unity that simplifies and streamlines the localization process. It offers an uncomplicated way to translate your story, subtitles, and audio while adjusting cultural references, symbols, or images to cater to your target audience.


✔ Text: Localize your story, dialogs, menus and even more.

✔ Texture: Localize symbols, icons, or any image to match any culture.

✔ Audio: Localize your voiceovers, sound effects, music and audio in general.

✔ Customize: Using a generic approach, everything is localizable.


  • Integrated Workflow: Seamless integration into Unity Editor for centralized content management.

  • In-Editor Preview: Built-in feature for visualizing multilingual game aspects without constant builds.

  • Asset Organization: Structured approach to handle text, images, and audio for different languages from any file location.

  • Export/Import Support: Simplifies collaboration with translators through easy location export/import.

  • Automated Translation: Utilizes DeepL for automatic or real-time translation of text.

  • Customization: Easily expandable and adjustable for different asset types or code modifications.

  • Reliability: Above 90% test coverage ensures bug identification and resolution before shipping.

  • User-Friendly Design: Multiple demos for a shallow learning curve and accessibility.


Localization becomes a valuable function when numerous languages are to be served, but manual translation efforts can be time consuming and costly. A more efficient approach is to leverage automatic translation.

EasyLocalization provides support for automatic translation using DeepL, you have the flexibility to either translate entire text assets, such as .csv or .json files, or use live translation during runtime.


EasyLocalization is packed with plenty of manuals, scripting API reference docs, and demos, enabling you to dive straight into coding!

Documentation and Scripting Api Reference


All platforms Unity supports. Includes Mono and IL2CPP.


From developers for developers since 2017! If you have any questions feel free to ask.




Included with OccaSoftware Pro

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Goodbye Default Skybox! The process of incorporating Altos into my project was smooth and hassle-free. The volumetric clouds and dynamic skybox, along with the configurable day-night cycle, significantly enhanced the atmosphere in my project. I was impressed by the realism and immersion that the skies added to my game world. Although there's still room for improvement, I'm confident that Altos will only get better over time, as the developers are actively working on maintaining and improving the asset. It's reassuring to know that there's ongoing support and commitment to enhancing the features. In summary, my experience with Altos has been positive. The integration, customization, and active development by the team behind it have made it a valuable addition to my Unity project. If you're considering incorporating a sky system into your project, I'd recommend giving Altos a try.
Excellent pairing with the Super Simple Cel Shader! Another great, lightweight and customizable asset from OccaSoftware! Very intuitive and user friendly, again make sure URP and Shader Graph are in your project!
ZH Haddas
amazing vfx, good job
Simple and Straightforward. Does exactly what it's supposed to. Just add the Auto Exposure render feature to your renderer and then drop the AE post processing effect to a volume in your scene. You now have instant or adaptive automatic exposure in URP.
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