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The cover for Dystopika


Dystopika is a meditative city-sculpting experience for creating stunning future cities and enjoying the vibe. No goals, no management, just rich, atmospheric moods for creativity and wonder.

  • Place, move, and expand buildings to shape, sculpt, and finetune the skyline of your dreams (or nightmares)
  • Use the Light Brush and watch as billboards, neon signs, and ambient traffic bring the city to life.
  • Low-lying buildings and details procedurally generate to fill in the gaps to quickly create density
  • Full undo/redo so you can explore and experiment without worry
  • Deep photo mode allows you to control time of day and transport your city to alien worlds with filters, fog and sun controls, and camera adjustments
  • Make the city your own by importing custom billboard images - the first step in a mod-friendly feature roadmap
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