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    Cutting-edge volumetric fog and volumetric lighting with support for transparent materials.
    Volumetric clouds, day night cycles, dynamic skies, global lighting, weather effects, and planets and moons.
    A lightweight procedural skybox ideal for semi-stylized projects.
    God rays and light shafts in screen space with lightning-fast light scattering.
    Add uniquely fuzzy volumetric grass and moss with interactive cutting, painting, and erasure.
    Add the impression of clouds to top-down games with planar shader-based cloud shadows.
    Capture local illumination with fast, lightweight proxy probes that follow your character.
    EARLY ACCESS. Real-time screen-space global illumination. Highly experimental.
    Throw a smoke grenade, then use projectiles to cut holes and explosions to blast chunks out of volumetric, physically-based smoke.
    Fast and extensible opaque and depth-compatible water shader with Shader Graph.
    Texture any surface without UV unwrapping with Triplanar shading powered by Shader Graph.
    Incredibly fast skybox for mobile devices
    Make players feel the heat with realistic heat haze, atmospheric haze, and distance-based blur effects