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Top 10 Particle System Tutorials for Unity

Posted by Liam Cubicle
January 25, 2024

As a Unity game developer, you should have high expertise in particle systems as it helps in building realistic and customizable effects for your applications.

Do you have trouble understanding the concept behind particle systems? In this article, you’ll be provided with top 10 particle system tutorials for you to get started today!

Here are the top 10 particle system tutorials (in no particular order);

Unity Learn

With access to over 750 hours of free, live, in-depth content and tutorials for all concepts irrespective of experience levels, Unity Learn serves as a primary go-to source for all Unity developers looking to gain more knowledge in one or more concepts. The particle system tutorial in particular is fully packed with all the necessary knowledge you need to gain expertise in particle systems with tutorials as well as challenges to keep you on your toes. After going through Unity’s Learn particle system tutorial, you will no doubt be fully equipped with all you need to know about particle systems in Unity.


Udemy, a school for technical individuals is a rich and premium source for any developer looking to learn and gain expertise in Unity’s particle system. With various tutorial courses ranging from beginner to advanced level on the concept, it serves as an excellent resource to learn the nitty gritty of particle systems. The courses come with challenges and downloadable resources to keep you up-to-date on the world of particle systems. You can check this particular course “Unity: Particles from beginner to advanced!” to get started.


Leading the world of remote learning with millions of courses for all experience levels for students, businesses, and technical individuals. Game developers with a passion for more knowledge find it resourceful and indispensable. It is fully packed with premium and in-depth courses and projects to aid your journey in learning all you need to know about Unity’s particle systems. You don’t need to worry about your experience level because, by the time you’ve fully ingested the courses, you’ll be a pro. Starting with this guided project will get you on your toes in no time.

Zenva Academy

An online academy focused on building game developers from beginner to professional with its rich library of courses and tutorials in game development. It is no doubt an excellent go-to source for those in quest of knowledge on Unity’s particle system. This excellent tutorial is what you need to get you started.


A resourceful edtech that provides you with the necessary skills you need to advance in the world of technology courtesy of its rich resources. Its fundamental course on particle systems makes it one of the best go-to platforms for Unity developers thirsting for knowledge on particle systems.


A well-known YouTube channel for its top-quality game development tutorials from Unity with over 400 premium videos on various concepts of game development with Unity. Its special tutorial video “Everything to know about the PARTICLE SYSTEM” is just what you need to get started.


A YouTube channel fueled with passion for working with the Unity game engine. Its exceptional, loaded, rich, and in-depth tutorial on particle systems with up to 31 chapters makes it just the best for you to learn about particle systems. You can start exploring it here.

The RealTime Essentials

A YouTube channel which is known for its rich and in-depth tutorial videos on Unity 3D game development. Its resourceful playlist on Unity Particle System is all you need to get started. You can start exploring the playlist here.


A virtual home for developers to collaborate. You can explore the open-source resources, tutorials, and projects relating to Unity particle systems on this platform. You can use this tutorial to get started.


A remote learning platform for Unity game developers to sharpen their skills with top-tier courses and projects. It’s special and in-depth course on “Particle systems in Unity 3D” is a great place for you to get started with particle systems in Unity.

Next steps

Unity’s Particle System is a powerful tool for creating dynamic effects in your game. By using these tutorials to become proficient with the Particle System, you’ll have a great skill in your wheelhouse.

But, Particle System isn’t the only thing you’ll need to master. Unity also has the Visual Effect Graph, which unlocks the ability to simulate hundreds of thousands of particles.

As a developer, it is important that you are comfortable using both tools and are capable of picking the right tool for the job. After completing these tutorials, we strongly recommend also taking the time to level up your Visual Effect Graph skills as well.

Happy creating!

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