Top 10 Recent Games Developed with Unity

Posted by Liam Cubicle
January 25, 2024

Many intriguing and exciting games have been developed with the Unity Game Engine over the years courtesy of its popularity in the game development.

If you’re not already familiar with Unity, it is a powerful game engine that enables you to create awesome games. In this article, you’ll be provided with the top 10 recent games developed with Unity.

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Here are the top 10 recent games developed with Unity:

Metal: Hellsinger

A rhythmic FPS (first-person shooter) video game, action-filled, packed with diabolic characters and intriguing music developed by The Outsiders. Taking you through an epic journey of fighting off demons with powerful weapons to make your way through the eight hells. The heavy metal music plays a huge role in the diabolism of the game, the more you’re in sync with the rhythm, the more intense the music will become, challenging you further.

Stolen Realm

A role-playing, adventure, strategy, and early-access video game developed by Burst2Flame Entertainment. It sets you up in lost cities, dungeons, and enchanted forests with action-filled elements and powerful weapons, allowing you to control up to 6 heroes in different play modes. Filled with intense adventurous, deep, and satisfying experiences.

Planet Crafter

An adventurous and survival video game developed by Miju Games. Tests your creative ability by setting you up on a hostile planet and empowering you with elements and resources to transform the lost planet to make it habitable for humans.

NEBULOUS: Fleet Command

A sci-fi strategy, an early access video game developed by Eridanus Industries. Providing you with an adventurous experience of commanding a fleet of space warships. Tasking you with the responsibility of keeping your fleet together, assigning tasks to each ship, and the overall command of your entire fleet.


A single-player city-building video game developed by Mechanistry. It comes with a unique architecture system providing players with resources needed to help the colony of beavers survive. Provides you with an intriguing experience of survival instincts in a world struck by droughts.

Autopsy Simulator

A first-person, story-driven mystery video game. Players take up the role of pathomorphology experts, performing realistic examinations of corpses to unravel the mystery behind their deaths. It comes with an engrossing gameplay with a mix of simulation and horror, providing you with an intriguing and horror-filled experience of solving criminal cases and uncovering truths.

Soccer Manager

A sports management game developed by the Invincibles Studio. Players take up the role of team managers, managing a football team with over 25,000 licensed players to choose from. Provides managers with an exciting and realistic experience of managing their dream team.

How Fish Is Made

A short narrative-driven video game developed by an intelligent team of game developers. Players are made sardines, imposing prophetic choices on them. Live through the fantasy of being a fish making choices that determine your destiny.

Engine Evolution

A multiplayer racing game developed by Petr Simunek. Adapting the principles of player vs player race, against 11 other players. Players are provided with motorbikes to compete with other riders. Providing players with the opportunity to upgrade or buy rides.


A role-playing and strategic video game developed by Flaming Fowl Studios. Set you in a fantasy universe, tasking you with the responsibility of leading your band of mercenaries, fighting your way through horrific places. Provides players with action-filled, turn-based combat experience.


You may be familiar with some of these games. We think they’re all incredible examples of how developers have leveraged the power of the Unity engine to express their unique vision for their game.

Now it’s your turn to give these games a try! Pick three games from this list that are most interesting to you. Play through the game, and try to unpack how the game might have used Unity to overcome challenges during the development process. Then, reflect on how you might have approached these problems. Finally, try implementing a similar mechanic in a minimum playable demo to practice your skills.

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