Exploring Game Monetization with Unity Ads

Posted by Liam Cubicle
April 2, 2024

Revenue is a critical factor determining a game’s success. Unity acknowledges this importance and offers monetization solutions for its creators through Unity Ads.

This article aims to provide insights into Unity Ads, including what it is, how it functions, and the benefits it offers to game developers.

What is Unity Ads?

Unity Ads

Unity Ads is Unity’s monetization solution designed specifically for games built with the Unity game engine, particularly for mobile games. It enables mobile game developers to monetize their applications through advertisements.

Why Use Unity Ads as a Mobile Game Developer?

Unity Ads

There are numerous advantages to using Unity Ads as a mobile game developer. Many publishers and developers already benefit from the substantial returns it provides. Unity Ads not only helps generate revenue from mobile games but also enhances the user experience. It seamlessly integrates with projects, boosting revenue and engagement.

Unity Ads offers various features tailored to developers and publishers, including in-app purchase (IAP) options for full control of in-app economies, ads management tools, and a real-time dashboard for monitoring and informed decision-making.

In summary, Unity Ads is essential for mobile game developers using Unity, offering effective monetization options.

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Getting Started with Unity Ads

Unity Ads

Now that you understand the significance of Unity Ads, let’s dive into setting it up for your Unity projects.

First, ensure your Unity project is configured for Unity services, granting you exclusive access. This involves linking your project to a Unity Service Project ID via the Unity Services website. For detailed instructions, refer to this resource.

Once your project is linked to Unity services, proceed to set up Unity Ads:

  • Open your project in the Unity Editor.
  • Navigate to Windows > Services > Ads to access the ads configuration window.
  • Enable Unity Ads and follow the prompts.
  • Explore the Code samples tab to implement ads into your project using available code options.

By following these steps, you can successfully integrate Unity Ads into your project.

For additional resources on implementing ads:


Thousands of game publishers and developers are reaping the benefits of Unity Ads. If you haven’t started monetizing your game yet, it’s time to get started.

Visit the Unity Docs to learn more about utilizing Unity Ads.

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