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Improve Your Game's Visuals with High-Quality Crosshair Sprites and Textures

Crosshairs play a crucial role in Unity games. With a good crosshair texture, your players can aim with precision. This improves their gaming experience. We designed these textures to improve your game. This page includes hundreds of customizable crosshairs ready to use for your project.

Immerse players with unique designs

Each crosshair that you can download here has a unique design. Regardless of your game's genre, these crosshairs are a good fit for you and you will find something great for your project. Perfect for sci-fi shooter games, fantasy real-time strategy games, or space shoot-'em-up games.

High resolution, great quality sprites

We designed every crosshair here to meet the highest quality standards. The center of the crosshair is always perfectly centered in the sprite. Textures are all anti-aliased. The crosshairs are shipped at 1024x1024 resolution, which is perfect for downscaling. These crosshair sprites deliver sharp and clear visuals that will help immerse your players.

Easy to install and use

Integrating these crosshairs into your Unity or other game development project is simple and straightforward. Download the crosshair you want, import it to your project, and you're ready to go. Drag and drop. Apply any of the textures as your desired crosshair design. Experiment with different styles to find the perfect match for your game's aesthetics. Then, get back to building your game. You can let players swap out different crosshair profiles during gameplay, too.


You can download all of the crosshairs on this page for free. We appreciate your support.

Optimize the Use of Alpha Channel

Our textures use the alpha channel for transparency. So, you can blend the texture in any project for any use case. To make the most of the included textures, you need to use a transparent or alpha-clipped material in your game. This will ensure that your renderer uses the alpha channel of the crosshair texture.

Compatible with all Game Engines, including all Unity versions

These crosshair textures are compatible with any game engine or any Unity project. Provided as .png files, you can integrate them into any game in any engine.

Improve Your Unity Game with Crosshairs

Crosshairs offers a comprehensive collection of hundreds of customizable crosshair designs. These designs will improve your game, help you build your game faster, and release your project sooner.

Crosshairs features high-quality sprites and textures. The textures are easy to install and use, and they are compatible with all game engines including Unity, Unreal Engine, and Godot.

Use Crosshairs today to improve your game's visuals and immerse your players.