Altos 4.6.0 - Time of Day Callbacks and Better Lighting

by Michael Sacco Published February 10, 2023
The cover for Altos 4.6.0 - Time of Day Callbacks and Better Lighting

About Altos

Altos is a powerful Unity asset that makes it easy to manage and control your environmental lighting and time of day in your game. With the release of version 4.6.0, we are proud to introduce some exciting new features and improvements to help you create even more immersive and dynamic environments.

Stay On Top of Time with Callbacks for Time of Day Management

Keep track of your time of day with ease using the new callbacks for period changeover, day changeover, and hour changeover. These callbacks are accessible from the SkyDefinition scriptable object, and are available to be subscribed to by accessing the AltosSkyDirector and subscribing to the callback. This means you can keep an eye on the time of day and make changes as needed, without having to manually track every change.

We’ve added three new callbacks:

  • [.c]public event Action OnPeriodChanged;[.c]
  • [.c]public event Action OnDayChanged;[.c]
  • [.c]public event Action OnHourChanged;[.c]

Here’s an example of subscribing to each of these new callbacks:

Take Control of Your Environmental Lighting

Get more control over your environmental lighting with two new properties for the environmental lighting options: Exposure and Saturation. With these options, you can fine-tune the brightness and color of your environmental lighting, especially in situations where it may be too bright or too colorful. With Altos 4.6.0, you have the power to create truly stunning environments that are both immersive and visually appealing.

You can access the new [.c]environmentLightingExposure[.c] and [.c]environmentLightingSaturation[.c] properties through the environmental lighting section of the Sky Definition or by setting them on the Sky Definition directly by script.

Improved Editor Experience

Altos 4.6.0 includes some great improvements to the editor that make it even easier to use. The Skybox Definition editor now has foldout groups instead of static groups, and each group is indented to make it easier to navigate. Each time of day keyframe is also indented under the name tag, making it even easier to control your keyframes. Finally, the cloud definition tab buttons have been moved to a horizontal layout group that looks more like tabs and indicates which tab you are currently viewing.


Altos 4.6.0 is the ultimate asset for time of day and environmental lighting management, offering a powerful set of tools and features to help you create stunning, immersive environments in your Unity game. So why wait? Get started with Altos 4.6.0 today and start creating the ultimate gaming experience!

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