30-Day VFX Challenge (Free VFX Assets)

by Michael Sacco Published November 14, 2022
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What is the 30-Day VFX Challenge?

We challenged ourselves to create a new visual effect in Unity every day for 30 days straight. It was super challenging to come up with a new topic, a new style, and a new idea every day for this challenge.

We ended up creating a huge range of visual effects as part of this challenge, including a silly anime-style scene, a finish line for a marathon race, a digital x galactic box effect, an extreme version of tennis, a riff on Brimstone's smoke grenade effect, and more.

Some effects took an hour, other effects took all day - an estimated 120 hours of work went into this pack. While creating all these effects, we built out a flexible VFX Graph Shader that gives powerful control over the final look of the materials used in the effects.

I can download these VFX for free?

Yes! We wanted to make this collection available to our community in order to give an example of what you could create using Visual Effect Graph.

Although these are not part of a single consistent pack style or for an express purpose, we believe you could use this set as a starting point for a variety of projects. Think of it as a source of potential inspiration.

How do I download?

All 30 Visual Effects featured in our 30-day VFX challenge can be downloaded for free at this link.

Can I see the VFX pack before I download it?

Of course - we put together a brief video showcasing each effect and uploaded it to YouTube. Check it out below.

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