Buto Patch 2.0 Notes

May 18, 2023

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    About the Changes

    Buto - Volumetric Lighting and Fog is now available for Unity 2021 LTS. All new Buto releases will target Unity 2021 LTS because this is the current Unity LTS release. We plan to stay on this LTS as the target version until at least March 2023 (or roughly six to twelve months following the release of Unity 2022 LTS). If you want to continue using Unity 2020 LTS, you will only have access to Buto’s 1.3.2 release. To access the latest releases, you will need to upgrade to 2021 LTS.

    Changelog for Buto Patch 2.0

    • Upgraded to Unity 2021 LTS. Future updates will target Unity 2021 LTS until the next LTS release. Unity 2020 LTS is locked to version 1.3.2.
    • Improved Editor Workflow
    • You can now create a Buto Light from the GameObject/Light context menu.
    • You can now create a Buto Fog Volume from the GameObject/Volume context menu.

    Click here to learn more about Buto - Volumetric Lighting and Fog for URP.

    More about Buto Volumetric Fog for Unity

    Lightning fast, infinitely customizable volumetric lighting and fog. Set up in 60 seconds or less.

    Buto Overview

    Your game has no atmosphere. It needs some.

    Lightning fast, infinitely customizable volumetric lighting and fog. Set up in 60 seconds. Join 230 game devs already experiencing the future of volumetrics.

    Buto’s Key Features

    1. Physically-based: Our volumetric lighting and fog accurately renders atmospheric particles and light scattering using algorithms described in leading technical papers and strategies from major AAA studios.
    2. Volumetric Lighting and Shadow: Objects realistically occlude lighting from interacting with the fog, keeping your fog grounded in your scene.
    3. Fast: Optimized, high-performance rendering with intelligent depth-aware upscaling (~0.7ms on an Nvidia 1080 desktop equivalent).
    4. Volumetric Noise: Built-in volumetric noise gives depth and texture to the particle distribution.
    5. Atmospheric Height Fog: Particle density exponentially decreases over height, resulting in realistic fog attenuation over altitude.
    6. Long-Range Visual Consistency: Analytic height fog is rendered behind the nearby ray-marched volumetric fog, guaranteeing visual realism over long distances.
    7. Stylized Fog Options: Distance-based Color Ramps, Color Ramp influence, and Light and Shadow intensity sliders give you creative stylized fog options.
    8. Additional Lights: Point lights can now be configured to work with Buto, with support for up to 8 concurrent fog-enabled point lights.
    9. Fog Density Masks: Place fog exactly where you want it with up to 8 concurrent Fog Density Masks.
    10. Temporal Anti-Aliasing: Improved quality for high density fog with optional Temporal Anti-Aliasing.
    11. Integrated with the Volume Component System: Seamlessly tie Volumetric Fog into your workflow with Unity's Volume Component system. Set Global Fog parameters and local Box and Sphere Volume parameters with seamless blending between Fog Volume settings.

    Fast, Helpful Support for Buto

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