A Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Maps

by Liam Cubicle Published April 2, 2024

Are you a game developer that deals with the crafting of fantasy RPG games? If yes, you should be familiar with tools to take your fantasy game to the next level, bringing your imagination to life. In this article, we’ll talk about fantasy maps, a great tool for visually representing your imagination.

What are fantasy maps?

Fantasy maps, just like its name implies are cartographic representations of imaginary or fictional worlds. They are also called fantasy cartography or fictional maps. These maps are significantly used in fantasy genres, depicting imaginary worlds in form of real-world geography. In general, fantasy maps are created to show imaginary places.

With fantasy maps, fantasy worlds are generated to visually represent worlds in the creator’s imagination.

Fantasy maps in game development

Now that you fully understand the concept of fantasy maps and worlds. Let’s look at how they are used in the world of game development.

Fantasy maps are used in game development to render the visual representation of the real world, providing players with the visual feel of the real world. Fantasy maps in game development can range from 2D maps to 3D dynamic worlds. They are often used in games with a fictional genre with the fictional maps representing the world in the developer’s imagination.

In games, fantasy maps are often interactive to help players navigate themselves in the world with ease, creating an immersive experience. The maps visually depict landscapes, topography, cities, regions, and worlds. These maps help players understand the geography of the fictional world and can vary in style and detail, depending on the overall gameplay and mechanics.

Fantasy Map Creators

Game developers are now embracing the use of fantasy maps. Lots of games are seen to have featured fantasy maps. There are fantasy map creators and maker tools available online today. Here are 5 fantasy map makers you can explore;


A free online tool for easy creation of fantasy maps. With Inkarnate, you can easily turn the world existing in your imagination into visual fantasies. It comes with powerful features to speed up your workflow, making it the best option for fantasy map creation.


A free and open-source fantasy map generator by Azgaar. With this tool, you can access auto-generated maps that you can edit to your taste. You can also create maps yourself from scratch. It comes with interesting features to empower you to create immersive maps and worlds.

World Anvil

A great tool for creating interactive fantasy maps. With World Anvil, you can easily transform your static maps into interactive maps, with customizable features. It is easy to use with powerful features to bring your imagination to life.


The best fantasy map maker for battle games. Dungeondraft is easy to use with intriguing features for creating maps for fantasy RPG games. With Dungeondraft, you can bring your imagination to life with gorgeous fantasy maps.


A simple fantasy map generator for creating beautiful fantasy maps. With Nortantis, you can quickly and easily generate random fantasy maps with editing options to fine-tune the maps to your taste.

These and more are the fantasy map generators you can explore online to bring your imagination to life.


Using fantasy maps is a great way of bringing your beautiful imagination to life. Fantasy maps are significantly used in fantasy RPG games as they drives engagements for games. Use a fantasy map today to take your fantasy projects to the next level.

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