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Unity Gaming Services

Posted by Vinod Ravisankar
January 19, 2024

Unity provides a suite of tools known as Unity Gaming Services (UGS).

UGS is designed to streamline the game development and publishing process. In this article, we will look into the various features and services offered by Unity through UGS to assist new developers in creating, deploying, and monetizing their games efficiently.

What is Unity Gaming Services?

Unity Gaming Services offers features that integrate seamlessly not only with Unity’s own engine but also with other technology stacks. The features of Unity Gaming Services represent a comprehensive suite of tools and services specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of game developers.

Here is a complete list of features that Unity gaming services offer

  1. Accounting and Analytics
  2. Multiplayer
  3. Version control and content management
  4. DevOps
  5. Player engagement
  6. Community
  7. Ads and publishing

Unity Gaming Services vs. Unity Asset Store

Unity Gaming Services offers a selection of backend services, like a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). In contrast, the Unity Store offers downloadable packages that include 3D models, materials, environments, or tools that you can import as assets into Unity.

Collaborative Tools

Version control is crucial in game development with Unity, as it allows teams to track and manage changes to their project’s codebase, facilitating collaboration and minimizing the risk of conflicts or data loss. Version control ensures that teams, regardless of size, can work together seamlessly, maintaining the integrity and consistency of their project.

Unity’s Version Control system which is a part of Unity Gaming Services is specially designed for the unique challenges of game development. It allows team members to collaborate more efficiently, overcoming common obstacles in game development with Unity.

Networking Services

One of the standout offerings of Unity Gaming Services is its robust networking capabilities. These services facilitate the hosting of multiplayer games, allowing millions of players to connect across various platforms.

This safe and scalable development environment is crucial for developers aiming to create games that support large and diverse player bases. Features like game server hosting, matchmaking, relay services, and integrated voice and text chat contribute to a comprehensive multiplayer experience.

Monetization Services

Monetization is a critical aspect for a game’s financial success. And Unity provides a range of services to help developers generate revenue. This includes in-game ads, user acquisition tools, and ad mediation services, which optimize ad demand and revenue generation.

Unity also offers tools for designing in-game economies and adding in-app purchases, enabling developers to build monetization strategies that align with their game’s vision and style.

Support and Community

Using Unity Gaming Services, developers can connect with each other, share insights, and access resources like webinars and sample games. The platform’s crash reporting and investigation tools help improve game stability, ensuring a smooth player experience.

Additionally, community-focused services like leaderboards, friends systems, and user-generated content platforms encourage player engagement and retention.

Is Unity Gaming Services free?

Unity Gaming Services is free to start, but UGS has usage limits. Once you exceed the free limits, you will need to start paying in order to continue using their services.

This is similar to how Unity prices their Unity Game Engine as well. However, the Unity Game Engine also offers Free vs. Pro tiers that unlock additional features or support.

Unity Gaming Services vs. Godot and Unreal

Unity is not altogether unique in their service offering.

When we compare Unity vs. Unreal, Epic Games also offers gaming services through their Epic Gaming Services offering. Their Epic Gaming Services includes similar features such as voice chat, achievements, matchmaking, and live ops.

When we look at Unity vs. Godot, Godot does not offer any direct gaming services offerings. Instead, Godot depends on game developers to build or look externally for these features.


Unity Gaming Services offers a comprehensive and integrative approach and acts as a Catalyst for Game Development.

Unity equips developers with the resources needed to bring their creative visions to life, with the support of a robust game dev community. The inclusion of collaborative tools, scalable multiplayer development, and comprehensive DevOps solutions addresses the complexities of modern game creation.

This makes Unity Gaming Services not just a tool but a partner in the game development process.

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