Sonniss 44GB+ Sound Effect Giveaway at GDC 2023

by Michael Sacco Published March 21, 2023
The cover for Sonniss 44GB+ Sound Effect Giveaway at GDC 2023

Sonniss is a renowned audio provider for game development. They give away game-ready sound effects at the Game Developers Conference every year. For GDC 2023, Sonniss is giving away a massive audio collection of more than 44GB of sound effects. This incredible audio collection includes over 850 individual sound effects in various environments. Best of all, these sound effects are completely free to use. Continue reading to learn how to download this awesome sound effect package.

The 44GB+ Sound Effect Collection

The Sonniss GDC 2023 audio collection is a vast library of high-quality sound effects. You can use these sound effects for your Unity project. The massive collection includes sound effects from dozens of unique environments. These environments include nature, urban, sci-fi, and more. Such a wide variety of sound effects provide you with ample options and design choices to work with.

Sonniss had skipped the 2021 and 2022 GDC Sound Effect releases. This year’s release includes the 2021 and 2022 releases, so this is the biggest bundle yet.

No Attribution Required

You can get these sound effects completely free. Sonniss has provided these sound effects royalty-free and available for commercial use. You are not required to provide attribution. You can use these sound effects on an unlimited number of projects. That makes these sound effects the perfect place to start for your next Unity game.

A Taste of What Sonniss Offers

The files in this bundle are a small sample of Sonniss’ complete audio collection. The bundle consists of sound effects from each audio library available on Sonniss. Like what you hear? You can register for Sonniss to access many more sound effects.

Previous Year Giveaways

Apart from the 44GB pack of 2023, you can also download all the previous years’ giveaways. These giveaways date all the way back to GDC 2015. Sonniss also has a giveaway for $5000 of sound effects available.

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This sound effect giveaway is an excellent opportunity. You can get your hands on a massive collection of high-quality sound effects. You can use these sound effects in any project in the future. And, these sound effects need no attribution and have unlimited use. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your audio game development capabilities.


Who is Sonniss?

Sonniss is an audio provider for game development.

What is GDC?

GDC stands for Game Developers Conference, an annual conference for game developers.

Can I use the sound effects for commercial purposes?

Yes, all the sound effects are royalty-free and commercially usable.

How many sound effects are included in the Sonniss GDC 2023 audio collection?

Sonniss included over 850 individual sound effects in a variety of different environments.

Can I win $5000 worth of sound effects?

Yes, there is an opportunity to win $5000 worth of sound effects available on the giveaway homepage.

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