Enhance Your Unity Projects with Free Assets from OccaSoftware

by Michael Sacco Published July 24, 2023
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Free Game Assets for Unity

If you’re a Unity developer looking to level up your game or animation project, OccaSoftware has you covered with a diverse range of free Unity assets.

With dozens assets to choose from, OccaSoftware offers tools, shaders, visual effects, and textures suitable for real-time games, architectural visualization, manufacturing simulations, and more.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the standout assets offered by OccaSoftware and how they can elevate your Unity projects to the next level.

Discover OccaSoftware’s Free Unity Assets

1. Crosshairs for Unity

OccaSoftware’s Massive Crosshair Bundle is a must-have for game developers looking to add precision to their aiming mechanics. Featuring hundreds unique and free crosshair textures, this asset enables you to customize your crosshairs to fit the aesthetics of your game. Whether you need standard crosshairs or visually stunning pointers, this bundle has you covered.


2. Ghost Shader for Unity

Elevate the atmosphere of your scenes with the Easy Ghost Shader. This lightweight shader effortlessly transforms objects into ghosts or spirits, adding an ethereal touch to your environment. With Lit and Unlit shader variants available, the Easy Ghost Shader ensures seamless integration into your project.

Customizable Parameters

The Easy Ghost Shader provides dynamic ghost effects with parameters that allow for rippling and changing falloff over time, granting you full control over the spectral ambiance of your Unity scenes.

Download this Unity Ghost Shader

3. Particle Effects for Unity

Bring celebrations to life with the particle effects pack for Unity. Built with Unity’s VFX Graph, this asset provides you with hundreds of particle effects out of the box. The user-friendly interface empowers you to create beautiful environments and visual effects that add a touch of magic to your game or animation.

Download Unity Particle Effects

4. Ascii Screen Shader

Experience the nostalgia of ASCII art with the Ascii Screen Shader. This unique Unity asset transforms your entire screen into an ASCII artist’s canvas. With customizable fonts, colors, and more, you can evoke a vintage and artistic feel in your projects, appealing to a broader audience.

Game-Ready and Performant

The Ascii Screen Shader is designed for performance, ensuring a smooth experience while immersing players in an aesthetically pleasing world.

Ascii Screen Shader ->

5. Rotoscope - Outlines and Color Band Shader: Add Depth to Your Scenes

Enhance the visual appeal of your objects with the Rotoscope Shader. This asset introduces depth-based outlines and color bands, creating eye-catching visuals that captivate players and elevate your game’s aesthetics.

Learn more about Rotoscope ->

6. BOP - Better Object Pooling for Unity: Optimize Performance

Optimize your game’s performance with the Better Object Pooling (BOP) asset. BOP streamlines object instantiation and destruction, reducing runtime overhead and improving overall efficiency. With BOP, developers can significantly enhance their game’s performance and deliver a smoother gaming experience to players.

Download Object Pooling for Unity

Improve your Unity game today

OccaSoftware’s collection of free Unity assets offers game developers like you a treasure trove of tools, shaders, and visual effects to improve your Unity projects.

From precise crosshairs to ethereal ghost effects, and from realistic fireworks to vintage ASCII art, our assets cater to a wide range of use cases and are suitable for various types of games and animations.

By using our free assets, Unity developers can elevate their projects and deliver unforgettable experiences to players. Don’t miss out on these incredible opportunities to level up your Unity projects.

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