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Building Great Games in Unity with Occasoftware

by Arya Wirendra Jan 19, 2024
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Every great game starts with a strong idea, but to make it truly successful, it needs to have a stunning visual atmosphere. Sadly, some game developers don’t get to realize their dream game by getting stuck with complicated software, limited resources, and the intimidating technicalities of game development. This is why it is so important to find the right tools to bring your idea to life.

We may be biased, but we do make some of the best tools and assets out there that look great and super easy to use. Below are some stunning examples of how our community members have used our assets to build incredible games.

At Skies Edge

Earn your ace credentials in this fast-paced flight arcade sim. Sortie on a set of missions that will have you scraping the stratosphere in air superiority fighters or dodging enemy radar nets in pulse-pounding low-level attack runs - do you have what it takes to turn and burn with the best?

Currently under active development!

Mackerel Sky used our complete sky system, Altos.


Introducing LASERS, a multiplayer game about surviving deadly laser mazes. This game was created by Joe Fender and Luke Fanning at Straight Back Games. Made solidly in one month during a game jam.

What LASERS is:

  • A game where you’ll dodge lasers or die trying. One wrong step will cost you your limbs
  • An online multiplayer game for 1-10 players
  • A merciless competition to be the last player standing
  • Full of thick gym bros and girls to play as
  • Cheaper than a Cheeseburger

Joe and Luke used, Buto: Volumetric Fog and Lighting, Altos: Sky, Clouds and Weather for URP, and Motion Blur.

Hopper’s Cabin

This game is a recreation of Hopper’s Cabin from Stranger Things. Some of the most stunning visuals, with a lively fog-effect made with one of OccaSoftware assets.

VHS Knight used Buto to bring out an immersive atmosphere to the game.

Rake Remastered

The heart-pounding gameplay of “Rake Remastered” centers around exploration, resource management, and strategic survival

Skullleeep used Super Simple Skybox and raved about “how easily tweakable OccaSoftware assets are even during runtime.” ;)

Impossible Bunny Challenge

Surf the wind as a Bunny and race against three other Bunnies to collect checkpoint balls. The game features a robust racing AI that is very challenging to beat. You’ll have to learn quickly if you want to beat the Impossible Bunny Challenge!

Robo Rabbit used Altos to make one of the most stunning skies we’ve ever seen in a video game!


You can check out more games Made with OccaSoftware. It’s one of the highlights of my day to see you breathe life into our products.

Creating a game is a complex process that requires hard work, creativity, and attention to detail. However, by finding the right tools, staying organized, and having fun, you can achieve your vision for your game project.

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