Auto Exposure

Universal Render Pipeline


Improve your project with this automatic exposure system. Your cameras can now automatically brighten or darken your shots in order to simulate realistic eye adaptation.




Auto Exposure is an automatic exposure system for Unity URP. This asset will automatically brighten or darken your scene view in order to recreate the function of eye adaptation, which adjusts to both very dark and very bright areas. Fully integrated with the Volume Component System.

Full source code access is included.

Usage Instructions

  1. Add the Auto Exposure Render Feature to your Universal Renderer Data asset.
  2. Click on your Camera, ensure the Post Processing checkbox is toggled on.
  3. In the Scene or Hierarchy view, select a Game Object that contains a volume component to view it in the Inspector.
  4. Click 'Add Override'
  5. Select Post-processing / AutoExposure
  6. Configure the Auto Exposure effect from the Volume Profile.

You can also assign the Auto Exposure effect to Local Box and Sphere Volumes in the same way you would with any other built-in URP post-processing effect.


  • Your camera will always use the Instant adaptation mode in Scene View and in Game View (when not in Play mode).
  • You can customize how the camera weights luminance values using procedural radial masks or using your own input textures.


  • Ensure that you have added the Auto Exposure Render Pass to your Universal Renderer Data.
  • Ensure that your camera has Post Processing enabled.
  • Ensure that your Volume Profile has the Auto Exposure override added, and that the override's Mode is set to On.
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