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Crosshairs offers a comprehensive collection of 27 customizable crosshair designs to improve your Unity game.

Product Details

Improve Your Game's Visuals with High-Quality Crosshair Sprites and Textures

Crosshairs play a crucial role in Unity games. With a good crosshair texture, your players can aim with precision. This improves their gaming experience. We designed this texture pack to improve your game. This pack includes 27 customizable crosshair designs.

Immerse players with unique designs

Each crosshair in this bundle has a unique design. Regardless of your game's genre, this pack has something great for your project. Perfect for sci-fi shooters, fantasy real-time strategy, or space shoot-'em-ups.

High resolution, great quality sprites

We designed every crosshair in this bundle to meet the highest quality standards. The center of the crosshair is in the center of the sprite. Textures are anti-aliased. The 512x512 resolution is perfect for downscaling. These sprites deliver sharp and clear visuals that will help immerse your players.

Easy to install and use

Integrating Crosshairs into your Unity project is simple and straightforward. Import the asset, and you're ready to go. Drag and drop. Apply any of the textures as your desired crosshair design. Experiment with different styles to find the perfect match for your game's aesthetics. Then, get back to building your game. You can let players swap out different crosshair profiles during gameplay, too.


This crosshair's free download is hosted on the Unity Asset Store.

Optimize the Use of Alpha Channel

Our textures use the alpha channel for transparency. So, you can blend the texture in any project for any use case. To make the most of the included textures, you need to use a transparent or alpha-clipped material in your game. This will ensure that your renderer uses the alpha channel of the crosshair texture.

Preview all textures in the demo scene

The asset packages includes a demo scene. This demo scene makes it easy to see all 27 textures at once.

Compatible with all Unity versions

These crosshair textures are compatible with any project. Provided as .png files, you can integrate them into any game in any engine.

Improve Your Unity Game with Crosshairs

Crosshairs offers a comprehensive collection of 27 customizable crosshair designs. These designs will improve your Unity game.

Crosshairs features high-quality sprites and textures. The asset is easy to install and use. And, it is compatible with all Unity versions.

Use Crosshairs today to improve your game's visuals and immerse your players.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about this asset.

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Q: How do I install Crosshairs in my Unity game?

A: To install Crosshairs, import the asset into your Unity project. Then, apply the desired crosshair texture from the package as your crosshair design. It's a straightforward process that allows for easy customization and seamless integration.

Q: Which types of players is this for?

A: This crosshair pack is perfect to fit the needs of a wide range of players. From noob gamers to pro players, this pack will meet your needs.

Q: What resolution are the crosshair sprites and textures in Crosshairs?

A: Each crosshair sprite and crosshair texture in the asset is at 512 x 512 resolution. This ensures high-quality visuals and sharp details in your game.

Q: Can I use the crosshair textures in Crosshairs with any version of Unity?

A: Yes, you can! The crosshair textures in Crosshairs are .png files. These files work with any version of Unity. You can use these textures in your game without compatibility issues.

Q: How can I troubleshoot if the alpha channel of the crosshair textures is not working in my game?

A: Make sure that you use a transparent or alpha-clipped material in your game. This will use the alpha channel and ensure a seamless appearance.

Q: Can I use the demo scene included with Crosshairs if I'm not using Unity Universal Render Pipeline (URP)?

A: The crosshairs are compatible with any version of Unity. We did make the demo scene in Unity URP. But, you can still use the texture files for any version of the game engine and for any rendering pipeline.

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