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Toon Kit 2

Develop your pixel-perfect toon, cel, anime, or stylized material using Toon Kit 2.

Bring Your Concept Art to Life with OccaSoftware's Toon Shader

Introducing OccaSoftware's Toon Shader, the most flexible and customizable toon shading solution for Unity URP. With OccaSoftware's Toon Shader, you can design beautifully shaded materials that perfectly match your concept art and bring your game to life.

Create Stunning Materials with Ease

Whether you want to create opaque, alpha cutout, or transparent materials, OccaSoftware's Toon Shader has you covered. You can cast shadows on any material and receive shadows from any material, giving your game a more natural and immersive look. Customize your specular and rim highlights to create unique and eye-catching materials. With the configurable lighting options, you have complete control over the final look of your materials.

Debug Your Materials with Confidence

With OccaSoftware's Toon Shader, you can isolate each contribution to the final look with debug views. This allows you to quickly identify and fix any issues, ensuring that your materials look their best. The responsive editor makes it easy to make changes on the fly and get your materials looking just right.

Fully Customizable and Compatible

Developed using HLSL, Sub Graphs, and Shader Graph, OccaSoftware's Toon Shader can be customized to fit your needs. It supports up to 8 concurrent additional lights, so you can create truly stunning lighting effects. Toon Shader fully supports deferred rendering in URP and has transparency and blend modes support, including alpha clipping. You can even control which mesh faces render and hide shading on an object if you only want to use the base color textures from the model.

Elevate Your Game with OccaSoftware's Toon Shader

OccaSoftware's Toon Shader is the ultimate solution for creating stunning, beautiful, and immersive materials in Unity URP. Whether you're an experienced developer or just starting out, you'll love the ease and flexibility of this toon shading solution. So why wait? Download OccaSoftware's Toon Shader today and start creating the game of your dreams!

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